Sunday, August 10, 2008

What I bought - suit 2

The second suit I bought from Cour Carre (at 70 - 80% off) was a Gay Giano suit:

This one reminds me of Burda WOF for all its unusual lines.

In this close up you can see the unusual seaming. The curved seam goes across the back as well, which you may be able to see in the back shot above. Not easy as the matching of plaid is perfect.

The skirt has unusual seaming too and a button fly front opening.

I found the Gay Giano website and it says its customers are "trendy customers, celebrities and artists." !! The Cour Carre customer is the modern professional and business executive.

Birgitte asked on my last post "I'm also SO intrigued by the three piece sleeve, and think the stars have aligned: I"m just starting on a Chanel-inspired jacket. Do you think this is the 'famous' sleeve and vent referred to in the Threads article? If so, could you be super duper kind and show the underside of the sleeve, pretty pretty please!!! " And yes I think it is! I just had a look at a Claire Shaefer pattern with the three piece sleeve and it looks the same. The seam up the middle matches the shoulder and there are two seams under the arm. Here is a picture of the sleeve up:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I bought - suit 1

I thought I would share with you the suits I purchased while in Hong Kong as I have not been sewing. Somehow with new clothes to wear I don't have the urge to sew anything.

I bought two suits from Cour Carre. They were marked down by 70 - 80% which made them very attractive. The green wool/silk/nylon/elastine I will show first I bought as a two piece - jacket and skirt. The skirt was the last one left and is a couple of sizes too big. I have started to unpick the sides but that is as far as I have got. But I have worn the jacket several times already to work with the 2 June capsule skirts.

I really love the details in the jacket. The side fronts and the back have a series of darts that are released as pleats - four on each - a total of 16. The sleeves have 3 parts. There is a seam down the centre, lining up with the shoulder seam. The vents at the bottom actually are real and you can undo the buttons.

In the all green outfit I am wearing one of the two new pairs of shoes I bought. Nice brand name - huh!?

This weekend I WILL take that skirt in and report back next week!

BTW, is anyone having trouble with their feeds via Internet Explorer? For some reason most of my feeds are not working. Some are coming in but the majority are not.........