Friday, April 30, 2010

SMOT no 2

Thanks everyone for the welcome back! As you know I have been here but just watching from the sidelines. Thanks for all your posts over the past year - I have enjoyed them all and learnt a lot. And have got a lot of inspiration too!

For my second top I used Vogue 7799. I have made up view A previously but this time decided to make view B. It went together very easily. This time I did not stabilise anything., and it stretches to fit beautifully. I would normally stabilise the shoulder seams but these were so narrow I didn't think they would stretch much if at all.

This top has a front seam that really doesn't need to be there. Your could cut it on the fold. I went for the seam and am glad I did. I think it adds to the design - makes it a bit more interesting.

My fabric is a very soft viscose lycra and feels so soft. Which is nice, but doesn't give me the best look with low rise jeans. Shows bumps that I didn't know I had...hmmm. Perfect for work skirts however.

I can't remember where I bought the fabric but I noticed when cutting out that it was faded on one side. To make the pattern fit, I needed to put a seam in the sleeves. I think they look pretty good - matches the seam down the middle. And the best thing of all is that the colour matches perfectly withmy new teal shoes (flats and heels) and teal belt. Perfect.

The suit is RTW.

Sorry the photos aren't great. Our old camera went to Europe with Ellen and never came back the same. These photos were taken with the new camera but I think we need more practice. Also my duct tape dress form went to heaven and I am hoping I can get a real one on sale for mothers day.

I am hoping to finish top no 3 tomorrow.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


It has been a long time between drinks! But hopefully I am back into the sewing mode now.

I signed up for Faye's Spring Month of Tops - which is a bit silly as it is Autumn here. But I have managed to make two tops so far and have another one cut out. All knits, so nothing of great excitement...but I am sewing :))

As the sew-a-long is for the month of April, and I did not start until last week, I decided to try and make a dent in my knit stash. And being short of time I thought I would make up some big 4 patterns. The first is an almost vintage McCall's 2418 (from 1999 I think).

A nice easy 1 hour top..Ha! It took me a lot longer. The pattern has a turnover for the neck facing. This doesn't work - it pulls and puckers. So I just stitched it down about 1 cm from the edge and trimmed it close to the stitching. I also used Burda's method of stabilising the armhole edges with tape. Which was not such a good idea - the armholes are a bit tight and of course now have no stretch. So, in the end it is OK, but I won't be making it again.

It goes well with my suit I bought in Hong Kong and also with another skirt I have cut out but yet to make up.