Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ellen's formal dress

I am working on a dress for Ellen's formal. She has put the order in for a red dress with silver trim. The top will be a bustier with lacing at the back. The skirt is to be tutu inspired. We are using Simplicity 4224.

Here are the raw materials: polyester satin crepe for the bodice, nylon netting for the skirt, silver lame for the lacing and piping, and acetate for the lining. There is also an interlining layer for the bodice that I will use scrap cotton fabric and boning.

So far we have fitted the bodice - there is a gap at the back for the lacing. The pattern has then been adjusted for the changes we needed to make. Details and photos of these are here.

I cut out the interlining with the new pieces and it fits well except for the back. The sway back adjustment makes the back edges crooked. Mmmmmm.........

Well I think I will work on something else now.....the piping. I need about 5 metres. I am following the instructions in Claire Shaeffer's book High-Fashion Sewing Secrets. She details how to cut and join bias strips and then how to make piping from there.

Ok, strips all cut out with the rotary cutter. The mat makes it easy to cut bias with the markings on it. :). Having some trouble with the needle pulling the lame while sewing. Time to go and look up needles - no doubt I am using the wrong one!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New sewing room

I managed to inherit some office furniture from work - a really nice desk with draws and a wooden cabinet. I have put the desk in the middle of the room. This helps with using the desk as a cutting table as well as a sewing table. This photo shows the room from the door. I have since put the TV onto an arm so I can watch TV while sewing. You can see more photos here sewing room

The first project sewn in this great space was a cot caddy for baby William James.
Next on the list is.............

Friday, February 9, 2007

Thinking about sewing...

Unfortunately I have only been thinking about sewing. But I am pretty good at that. I am thinking about the SWAP over at Stitches Guild and think a dress swap would help me make up all the summer fabric I have bought. But then maybe some skirts for work. And a suit. And..........

The only thing I have made up this year is my Pride and Prejudice dress. I have done a review of this over at. Pattern Review. This was a something I made from scratch - no pattern - so I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Friday, February 2, 2007

So here I start.......

I have decided to join the blogging millions and put my thoughts on line.

My plan is to sew up the stash, but I spend more time on line than in the sewing room. Hopefully this blog will encourage me to sew more so I have something to share with others.

Mmmmm....we'll see....