Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not getting the job done!

I have not posted for a while as I am having the worst time of my life.......those bl##dy couches!!!!!!!! I cannot think of anything worse - in fact it may put me off sewing for life!!!
When I am not fighting with the impenetrable fabric I am procrastinating. So lots of Internet surfing and lots of emotional eating..

So the other day I bought these.....

And thanks to a thread over at Patternreview, I found this blog "whatiwore2day". Kasmira has photographed what she is wearing on an almost daily basis for quite a few months. And yes I have gone from the beginning of the blog and checked out everything she has worn! (I have become an expert in avoiding the unavoidable couches!). She certainly has style (and is very brave in some of her choices). Have a look, it is good fun!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vintage sewing....back when it wasn't vintage...

I just read Marji's post about the first garment she made and also Carolyn's post about some sewing that is several years old.

I think this McCall's pattern was the first thing I ever made. I made the short skirt, the long sleeve top and a scarf as well! I used a pretty groovy knit fabric as well - plain interlock I suppose as spandex was not around back in the early 70's. I still have the top (not sure what happened to the skirt and here is a picture of Ellen modelling it....

Here is a close up of the fabric (and if you check out the shoulders) and a close up of how I fixed the problem of too much fabric from shoulder to bust ...mmm...

I don't remember buying this fabric, but I do remember a very early on fabric experience. It was a red cotton with I think flowers, or it could have been abstract design, that was outlined in gold metallic paint...ahhhh...I HAD TO HAVE IT. I made the following pattern. Unfortunately I don't have any photo of the shirt.I wasn't really happy with the shirt as it was too big and the collar was too stiff - the old interfacing problems!

While I was searching through old patterns I found the following. My sister Cheryl was after one that we both made up way back when - are these what you were after sister dear?

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today, Sofie and I, made a new apron for her to wear at school when doing food tech classes. Sofie is really excited about the classes as she loves to cook and the school has brand new cooking facilities. Sofie got to do most of the sewing and I had the job of cutting and pressing. I think we did a pretty good job...

Here is a close up look at the pocket. The main fabric was from the remnant bin at Spotlight and the pocket is a bit more of an old pink sheet that has been used for many projects.

And thanks to everyone who helped me figure out how to take a photo of myself without the flash in the face......

Monday, July 16, 2007

McCalls 5244

Today, I finished McCalls 5244 - the view in the top right hand corner. I used a wool purchased from Brunswick Fabrics in Sydney Rd, Melbourne during last year's Patternreview weekend Down Under. I also bought the designer Brioni lining from Artextile in Richmond on the same weekend. The lining at $12 a metre was more expensive than the wool at $9 a metre! And now my sewing room is in a mess as the fabric ravelled large chunky threads!!

I didn't underline and only interfaced the collar, front facings and the hems. I wanted a quick project to kick off the sewing! I will add snaps (when I buy some) to keep it closed.

This photo shows the lining which has the Brioni logo of a polo player embossed over it. This photo is more true to life in the colour of the fabrics. However, the matching shoe is a bit washed out. They do match!Finally here is a photo of me in the jacket. Now I obviously need some help in taking a photo without getting the flash in the mirror!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Warrandyte and Brunswick Street

Yesterday it rained just about all day! We visited Warrandyte, an outer bush suburb of Melbourne, for a walk along the Yarra and to buy some bread from the Warrandyte bakery. This bakery cooks all it's bread, cakes and pies in a wood fired oven. Mmmmm, very nice with some homemade soup after a very wet and cold walk along the river. We also had coffee at one of the quaint cafes in the area.
The Yarra River flows from the mountains, through the Yarra Valley, though the suburbs of Melbourne, through the city and out into the Bay. The above photo is a typical photo of the "bush" of this part of Australia. Notice that it is the middle of winter and all the trees retain their leaves. In about a month the view will be quite different when all the wattles are in flower. This group of trees and bushes have vivid yellow flowers. I will try and remember to take a photo of the same view then to send to Marine and to show you.

In the afternoon we visited Brunswick Street. Here is a blurb from Brunswickstreet.com.au
"In all, Brunswick Street has become synonymous (along with Lygon St. in nearby Carlton, Chapel St. in more upmarket South Yarra, and more latterly Fitzroy St. in St. Kilda) in Melbourne with the relaxed café style vibe that the city is globally famous for." Not sure if we are globally famous for anything, but it is a great street to visit. Lots of quirky artworks, cafes, shops etc. And of course it has the Alannah Hill outlet. This is of interest to sewers as she has excess fabrics and trims for sale there. I don't have any photos of Brunswick Street as the rain was pretty steady all afternoon. But if you are interested, here is a link to a website on the street. Brunswick Street

Today the girls are off back to the city to shop and go to the movies. Apparently there is a bean bag theatre in Melbourne Central! So maybe I can get some sewing done!?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Yarra Valley

Today we went to the Yarra Valley to see and taste some good old Aussie sparkling. The Yarra Valley is 50 klms from Melbourne and even less for us - about half an hour. First stop was Domaine Chandon - some lunch, a tour of the wine making facilities and some tasting....The next photo is a view over the valley. It was raining and quite cold. We also stopped into Yering Station - another winery in the region. The Yarra Valley is a very young grape growing region and the wineries are all very modern with large glass walls with a great view! And I have never seen it so green - surely the drought is over????

The final stop was into Yarra Glen for some warm refreshments...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Great Ocean Road

Today we went for a trip down the Great Ocean Road. 3000 returned sailors and soldiers built the Great Ocean Road, the world’s biggest war memorial, as a monument to their fellow Australians killed at Gallipoli, at the Somme and the many other places where Australians served in the first world war. It winds around the bottom of Victoria at the southern end of mainland Australia. Some photos......

Much of the road is very close to the water and winds around mountains and cliffs.

Here the girls are on Bells Beach - a very famous surf beach. Not much surf today, but there were some poor surfers out there trying to catch a wave.....brrrr..

We went only as far as Lorne where we had lunch and a bit of fun on the beach. Here the girls were running across and jumping...had to work off lunch somehow.We stopped at Airey's Inlet to visit the lighthouse....

Tomorrow we are off to the Yarra Valley to visit some vineyards....hic....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More on Melbourne

Today the girls are at Luna Park (a fun park) and I have the day to myself. I am thinking about sewing, but I had to finish the novel I was reading and then the latest Threads was in the mailbox, and the washing needed to be done......... after much procrastination, I came to the conclusion that I could use another coat. I was tempted to go and visit Brunswick Fabrics to get some teal (is there any other colour?) wool/cashmere to keep up with Belinda! But I do already have some plum wool/cashmere I purchased last year at Clear It - the Alannah Hill outlet. I have moved it from the cupboard onto my sewing table...well that is a start..sorry no photo, the camera went to Luna Park too! Now which pattern?

Well while I contemplate that one, here are some photos taken from the Rialto yesterday....

This photo is facing east towards the MCG. Southbank is on the right of the river.

This photo is south, with Crown Casino along the river. Notice the road that goes right through the building.

This photo is west towards Docklands.

This is south west - nice rainbow...

Monday, July 9, 2007


Hi everyone, I have been extremely busy...but not with sewing alas. As you may remember we were getting new carpet. So that meant all cupboards etc had to be emptied, which started me on a very early spring clean that lasted for a few weeks. But now, it is all done and I am so amazed at how good the house looks all clean, neat and just more open. We have given away to charity a lot of items we not longer use but had horded in cupboards. A lot of rubbish was thrown out too!!

So here are a couple of pictures of my sewing room after a new paint and the stain free (and pin and thread free) carpet.

I inherited the bookshelves from the girls old playroom - useful for all my mags and sewing books. I also inherited a larger TV and a DVD player - yay! Now I just want to sew but I am a tourist in my own city this week as we have Marine our French exchange student staying with us and it is school holidays. Here is a picture of Sofie, Marine and Ellen in Melbourne yesterday.See the tall building just to the left of Sofie - that is the Rialto and it has an observation deck. We went up there too and got some great photos. Will post some of them tomorrow... Today we are off to Eastland to buy Marine some school shoes.