Monday, December 17, 2007

Male apron

This is Adam's apron. A very quick project after 6 frilly aprons!

I used 3 Christmas themed cottons from Lincraft - the main one for the body, a second one for the binding and a third one for the top of the pocket and the ties.

I traced the basic shape of the apron from on old bought one floating around the house. I added a pocket by cutting a large triangle, binding the top and then stitching it onto the front of the apron. It was also stitched down the middle to form 2 sections.

I made bias tape to edge the sides and bound the top. I made ties and used a D ring set for the neck.

More photos, including showing more of the binding and the rings can be seen here.

Thank goodness the work gifts are done in plenty of time for our Christmas lunch on Friday!


Summerset said...

Perfect for a man! I was wondering what you'd come up with after those frilly ones.

latoya said...

this one is nice too!

Tany said...

Fabulous!!! I love seeing a man wearing an apron!