Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Please forgive me for this lack of depth post, but I am dying here! We are in the midst of a heat wave and we don't have air con. In fact it is too hot to go swimming!! My brain is fuzzled. And my tummy is complaining of too much drinkies.

To bring in the new year we spent the day at Chadstone (shopping centre and theatre complex) to get some cool air. We saw The Darjeeling Limited - quite enjoyable. And then went out for dinner (again air con. lol) and home to have a midnight swim.

2007 in review

2007 has been an eventful year and when I started the year with the hope to have adventures I should have been a bit clearer and specified FUN adventures! Dad passed away and mum is still under care. DH also lost a brother. Ellen and Sofie both had teenager issues with friends and school.

On the positive side there were two new great grandchildren for mum, Ellen had success at school and with her film and I have started this blog and met so many wonderful sewing friends over the Internet.

Sewing wise I had a very productive year. I have set up an album over on Flickr that has a photo of each garment made during the year here. 23 garments does not sound that much compared to Shannon and Carolyn, but not bad for me considering the year. I'm happy.


I am not much of a resolution person. I am happy to go where life takes me. But having said that I would like to:


  1. Increase my exercise program to lose the body fat accumulated from my 2007 emotional eating.

  2. Finish up my summer sewing - maybe a couple of dresses, and some tops to match other bottoms in the wardrobe.

  3. Clean out and organise my jewellery collection. I spent last week cleaning out and sorting my wardrobe but have yet to hit the shelf with the costume jewellery.

  4. Make at least one new item for each of the four new pairs of shoes purchased at the boxing day sales. (oops, well I love shoes, what can I say).


  1. Start on some serious jacket making! I have had this as a "goal" for many years now. I have bought the books, made a couple of jackets but haven't really progressed from there. My hope is to make one tailored jacket a month. Of course I will then need a skirt or two to match.....and a top.....maybe shoes????

  2. Make some pants. You may have noticed in my 2007 album that I made 11 skirts last year but no pants. I think 2008 can also be the year of the pants. I am more of a skirt girl but a few pairs of pants won't go astray. I have always avoided them as I know there will be a lot of fitting and of course I need to lose a kilo or two first (sound familiar?). Well to be realistic I do want to lose last years weight gain first, so depending on how well I go with the January goal, this one may move to March - we'll see.

March to December:

  1. Continue with my jacket making.

  2. Sew what ever I am inspired to! And boy there is a lot of inspiration there with you all!

  3. Use my favourite fabrics first!

That's it for now! I think I will go for a swim..........


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Vicki, sorry to read about some of your events in 2007, it does appear that you have had a full year. I wish you health, happiness and all the very best in 2008, and I hope you acheive your sewing goals :)
You are in the midst of a heat wave,we are in the thick of winter...and cold. I posted a short video on my blog :) It may cool you some :)
You did really well with your sewing. I love all your outfits,especially your daughters dress. Looking foward to your 2008 projects. Have a great day. Ann

Sew4Fun said...

Vicki, Happy New Year! I hope 2008 is better for you.

As for this heat, I'm with you. Blah! I hate it when it's this hot. It makes it hard to do anything. I just stepped outside and noticed the cool change is coming through. Yay!

Sigrid said...

Vicky, Happy new year. I too wish 2008 is a better year for you in personal matters.
In sewing you achieved a lot! Very inspiring projects there too.
Look forward to your pants and jackets (love jackets). I wanted to make a pair of pants as next project, but the two kilos sound very familiar :-(

Vicki W said...

You are such an inspiration! You do not let adversity consume you, look for the best in everything and still maintain your wonderful creativity! I wish you all the best in 2008.

Linda said...

Happy New Year. Things can only look better from here. My wish for you is that you have joyously uplifting fun in 2008. This will make up for 2007.

Mimi Jackson said...

Wow - a jacket a month is ambitious... and exhausting! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create! For myself, I find it very hard to put creativity on a schedule. Do cut yourself some slack.

Secondly, a hot New Year's Eve is a concept so foreign to me that I can't even wrap my brain around it! Here in New York, we had a fairly warm one for a change... it was possible to endure without a hat scarf and glove combination (although you would need at least one of the three).

Happy New Year to you!

Happy New Year!

Tany said...

Vicki, I wish you all the best and that you achieve all your NY resolutions! Happy New Year! And congratulations on what you've achieved in 2007!

designdreamer said...

I certainly can relate re: your 2007 events -- I also lost my dad, and mom's been gone since '98, and one dd ALSO had some teenage "issuses" with "friends". Here's wishing you (and me) the best for '08!