Saturday, June 21, 2008

Burda 1-2008-127

I am way behind on my posting and my sewing! This week I managed to finish my May PR mini wardrobe. A bit late I know but now it is done.

I had one skirt and two tops made to match my animal print shoes. I decided I needed another skirt but was undecided on what to make. I didn't want to go overboard on the animal print. I found this really soft black wool piece in the stash that I would have bought as a remnant. I don't recall when or where I bought it. Maybe Lincraft as I used to always check out their remnant bin back when they had them.

I used the skirt in the suit of Burda 1-2008-127.

I topstitched the seams in brown to tie in with the mini wardrobe.

I also used some brown lace in the stash to add to the black lining.

The photos I have taken are not very good - I hope it is just the light and not the camera ?!

I did not have enough fabric to do a full waistband so I did a mini binding. Here is a couple of photos showing how I did that.

For the pattern I altered it for my previously discovered torso petiteness. I shorted the distance from waist to hip by 3cms but then added it back below to keep the length. So now the skirt hip curve should match mine better! This is the first time I have adjusted for that.

I am away this weekend so no starting on my JCC. Yes, I know I am very, very late on starting this. My original plan was to make a jacket in the pink stripe, two skirts and a top with the patterned fabric.

I think the jacket will have to wait and I can throw in an Ottobre knit top. As long as I get one piece done by the end of the month I get to vote.

Next post I hope to have photos of the May mini wardrobe for your viewing pleasure. Have a good weekend !


toy said...

ohh,, I can't wait to see your mini wardrobe!

Birgitte said...

That skirt looks very stylish. Congrats on finishing the wardrobe, looking forward to seeing the pictures.

And thank you for the nice comment the other day, really appreciate it :-) I'm hopeful we'll meet in person one day.

AllisonC said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures, the skirt looks great. I've used that binding technique on a waistband too, it's ideal for this type of skirt.

Summerset said...

Nicely done! Your mini wardrobe looks great - nice colors for the middle of winter.

Bonnie D. said...

I love that skirt! Can't wait to see it modeled on you! The colors of your wardrobe are wonderful!

paco peralta said...

Vicki .- beautiful skirt. you thought a good solution to the waistband. thanks for sharing. Ahhh ... best wishes. and have a good weekend. Paco

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Nice to see you are finding time to sew and post :) Your skirt looks great.
I like your colour choices!

Sigrid said...

Good solution for the waistband, look forward to seeing you wearing it.

Good color combinations for the other capsule.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay that's the binding I use on all my straight skirts...I just find it works better than the larger/huge/way too big waistband that's included in most skirt patterns!

Tany said...

Your skirt looks wonderful and what a clever way to finish a waistline! Well done!

Nathalie Collin said...

I'm looking for this burda. Would you sell it ?