Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm Back

Actually I have been back a week but can't seem to get back into the groove. Cheryl and I had a fantastic time in Honkers (is that just an Australian nickname or is it global?) but we sure wore ourselves out. It was hot, wet, steamy, crowded and with all the walking I lost 1 1/2 kilos!

One of the best parts was meeting up with Allison. We managed to have lunch, get in a bit of shopping and later in the week some drinks out.

It is amazing how you can meet up with an internet friend and talk away like you have know each other for ages! We could talk about you all as though we both had the same circle of friends :) And how funny that HK now has Spotlight - Allison blogged about that here. Cheryl and I didn't venture out to see it (but I was tempted to see if it looked the same).

Shopping was a bit hit and miss. Fabric wise I only bought a few pieces.
Two green pieces from the Western Market - one is a nice cotton shirting and the other an unknown blend (the vendor did say viscose something or other but I have my doubts). The grey is a linen blend purchased from the Yen Chow Street Market in Sham Shui Po.

Yes, that is the market under the trees!

While out in Sham Shui Po, I stocked up on zips!

I also bought some trims, buttons etc.

We also dropped into Angus International for some silks. That was an adventure in itself. Finding the place, going up the ancient lift and into a private residence. They were renovating their store and the stock wasn't there but the remnants were! So here we were rummaging through neatly packed silks in someones kitchen, without aircon. It was hot!!! They did not have a lot, just basics. This is what I got:
As to other shopping, I bought three RTW suits, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 handbags, 2 pairs of jeans, a Chanel trench (nice find in an outlet shop), makeup, perfume and some things for the girls.

I have uploaded all my photos here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Purple skirt, podcasts and Hong Kong

One more photo of the JCC to show you a close up of the topstitching and the lining of the purple skirt

I used rayon embroidery thread to "topstitch" the seams of this skirt. The lining is Sunsilky from Lincraft - a polyester lining. The colour matched the wool so well and I didn't have anything in the stash that would compliment the skirt. The pattern is the same as my black skirt with the brown topstitching - Burda 01-2008-127.

While I have been busy sewing the May mini wardrobe and the JCC I have been listening to Lori's podcasts. I have really enjoyed them!! I only recently got my Ipod and so I have been catching up on all of Lori's posts. So THANKYOU Lori!!! Unfortunately I am all caught up and now will have to wait for each new podcast. So if you have not listened to Lori's podcasts, I recommend you do! I am currently downloading Toya's Inspirational Wednesday podcasts for my listening pleasure. If you have any other podcast recommendations I am happy to hear about them :)

Finally I am off to Hong Kong on Friday! So excited. This will be my sister and my 3rd trip together there. And it was only last week that we decided to actually go. We had wanted to go again but the time just wasn't right with our parents. Mum is settled at the moment so we have decided to go while the going is good!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fold over top - Burda 10-2007-115

For a detailed review click here. For a short review.....I was looking for a very quick top to finish off the June capsule. I wasn't feeling the love for another Ottobre T so decided to have a go at this Burda fold over top. As the smallest size is 38 (and I need a 34) I decided to just morph the fold details onto the Ottobre. Easy! And quicker than tracing the whole thing out. I also took out 1.5 cms in the armhole area. Lucky I did as it still is a bit low. Will raise it some more for next version.

I had great trouble working out the fold - Burda instructions are double dutch in relation to this! So if you want to make this top, refer to Christina's fabulous photo tutorial on Pattern review. I wish I had done that before I started. Would have saved quite a bit of ripping out and head scratching.

I am wearing this top to work today. But I have gone all conservative with a grey skirt, black books and a green necklace.