Saturday, May 8, 2010

Q&A and Sofie's project

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments and the compliments on the new hair “do”. My usual hairdresser wasn’t working on the night of my last appointment and I had someone new. I was a bit scared as his hands were shaking but I shut my eyes and hoped for the best. Luckily it turned out pretty good!

From the last few posts there were a few questions to answer:

Birgitte asked: Is Sofie sewing a triple layer in the last pix, and if so, would it be easier with a walking foot? It caught my attention cause I'm using mine right now. Yes she is, and thanks for mentioning the walking foot – I hadn’t given it a thought. And obviously her teacher hadn’t either!

Karen (kbenco) asked: Where did you get the print? Mmm, not sure but I think it was good old Spotlight. It was a while ago.

Carol commented: This pattern is so versatile. Have you seen the Stitches magazine article that shows you how to draft a cowl collar and add a pleat front to this pattern? I use it all the time. No, I haven’t seen it (or just don’t remember seeing it). Do you have the issue handy – so I can see if I have that copy?

Isabelle suggested: It's probably time Sofie asked for a sewing machine of her own - as an early birthday present perhaps? :) I don’t think that would work. I have an older machine but she wants the better one. Everything belongs to Sofie! Lucky I love her and she brings me coffee in bed in the morning.

And a lot of you want to see more of what Sofie is sewing too. She will be making two dresses/tutus. One in white and one in black. These need to be artworks and not something you would wear. She must manipulate the fabric and incorporate different textures, embellishments etc. Before she starts on the art pieces she has to fill a portfolio on different techniques – including unsuccessful ones and annotate them.

She has lots of ideas but no firm decisions have been made. There will be – feathers, tulle, satin, quilting, sparkles. Already the sewing area is covered with “stuff”. She seems to be enjoying the subject but it does also include studying other artists’ work – which involves articulating what you are actually seeing.

This is a page from her portfolio showing the initial design thoughts.

This page shows some samples for the black dress.

Sorry about the photo being sideways - Uploaded 3 times (even as a small image) but blogger insists it be sideways!

Here is a close up view of one of her samples. She has screen printed onto silk, quilted and stitched around the design. Excuse me if I don't get the terms correct..

She has to continue to try new techniques until her book is full of samples.
In the future, I am not sure how much I will be able to show of her work as she is being examined on it. I will check with her teacher in case there are any "rules" about what I can show.


Birgitte said...

Sofie is RIGHT ON! Love all her samples and design drawings. She has chosen the right future for herself, awesome!!!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW she is doing some amazing work.
I love her portfolio.

designdreamer said...

WOW! Awesome!
She's a fabulous illustrator and her samples look wonderful also. I'm itching to be able to read the text that accompanies that last sample (with the screen printing, quilting, etc.) It looks . . . . awesome!
Wish I could illustrate like that. Heck, I wish I could take the class she's taking!
PS So glad you're back blogging!

designdreamer said...

Sorry for the second post, but is this post-secondary (college/university)education?

Tany said...

Thank you for posting some of Sofie's work, I can tell she's very talented! That's an amazing portfolio!

Vicki said...

Designdreamer, Sofie's class is high school. It is a final year unit. She is in her second last year (she is 16) but the subject is a final year one. In Victoria (in Australia), subjects are done over a 2 year period for the last two years of school. And the students get an option to start a subject early. So Sofie started this course last year and is finishing it this year.

Summerset said...

This project is so totally something I'd love to do! Does she have the book The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolff? Lots of very cool things that can be done via stitching, folding, etc. to vary the surface texture of fabrics. Has she tried trapunto yet - the faux, easier version? I like the screen printing and quilting around it. That is similar to what I did with my iris quilt - I printed the irises then used trapunto and quilting to give them more of a life-like dimension.

Andrea said...

Wow!!! I love what Sofie is doing. She is very talented.

Isabelle said...

Sofie's work is quite impressive!

I love the relationship you have with your daughters.

Sigrid said...

Impressive. What a wonderful portfolio. Hope she finds herself a career with this.

Sew Passionista said...

Lucky girl! This course sounds so fun!And she obviously has a ral knack for fabric and design.

mem said...

lovely to see you back . I presume this your new house ?? Your haircut looks really great . Very Gammin and youthful. Have you come across the new fabric store in Brunswick street Fitzroy . Its next door to the Allanah Hill outlet shop??

Vicki said...

Hi Mem, thanks for the comment on my blog and the compliments on my hair! Youthful is good!!
No, I haven't been to the new fabric store yet. I did see it last time I was down that way but it hadn't opened yet. MUST check it out! And yes, the photos are in the new house :)

alethia said...

Hello, I am happy to see you are back. Sofie is doing amazing work!

Sew Passionista said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my mother's passing.It is so nice to hear from so many of my blogger friends at a time like this.Even though she had Alzheimer's,I miss the person she had become.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Hi Vicki, Just a short note to say Hi and I hope all is well with you.
Things are pretty hectic for us right now so not much sewing going on for me. Hopefully that will change soon.
Take Care.

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Vicki,Hope all is well with you. Thank you for stopping by my blog!