Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More on Melbourne

Today the girls are at Luna Park (a fun park) and I have the day to myself. I am thinking about sewing, but I had to finish the novel I was reading and then the latest Threads was in the mailbox, and the washing needed to be done......... after much procrastination, I came to the conclusion that I could use another coat. I was tempted to go and visit Brunswick Fabrics to get some teal (is there any other colour?) wool/cashmere to keep up with Belinda! But I do already have some plum wool/cashmere I purchased last year at Clear It - the Alannah Hill outlet. I have moved it from the cupboard onto my sewing table...well that is a start..sorry no photo, the camera went to Luna Park too! Now which pattern?

Well while I contemplate that one, here are some photos taken from the Rialto yesterday....

This photo is facing east towards the MCG. Southbank is on the right of the river.

This photo is south, with Crown Casino along the river. Notice the road that goes right through the building.

This photo is west towards Docklands.

This is south west - nice rainbow...

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Summerset said...

What a neat rainbow and great views of Melbourne. I'll have to show my husband - he'd love to visit Australia and NZ some day.