Saturday, July 14, 2007

Warrandyte and Brunswick Street

Yesterday it rained just about all day! We visited Warrandyte, an outer bush suburb of Melbourne, for a walk along the Yarra and to buy some bread from the Warrandyte bakery. This bakery cooks all it's bread, cakes and pies in a wood fired oven. Mmmmm, very nice with some homemade soup after a very wet and cold walk along the river. We also had coffee at one of the quaint cafes in the area.
The Yarra River flows from the mountains, through the Yarra Valley, though the suburbs of Melbourne, through the city and out into the Bay. The above photo is a typical photo of the "bush" of this part of Australia. Notice that it is the middle of winter and all the trees retain their leaves. In about a month the view will be quite different when all the wattles are in flower. This group of trees and bushes have vivid yellow flowers. I will try and remember to take a photo of the same view then to send to Marine and to show you.

In the afternoon we visited Brunswick Street. Here is a blurb from
"In all, Brunswick Street has become synonymous (along with Lygon St. in nearby Carlton, Chapel St. in more upmarket South Yarra, and more latterly Fitzroy St. in St. Kilda) in Melbourne with the relaxed café style vibe that the city is globally famous for." Not sure if we are globally famous for anything, but it is a great street to visit. Lots of quirky artworks, cafes, shops etc. And of course it has the Alannah Hill outlet. This is of interest to sewers as she has excess fabrics and trims for sale there. I don't have any photos of Brunswick Street as the rain was pretty steady all afternoon. But if you are interested, here is a link to a website on the street. Brunswick Street

Today the girls are off back to the city to shop and go to the movies. Apparently there is a bean bag theatre in Melbourne Central! So maybe I can get some sewing done!?

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Katharine said...

How beautiful and relaxing! What a glorious winter day with loved ones.