Friday, March 21, 2008

Popping in to let you know where I am up to.....

It has been a few weeks since my last post and I have to admit to no sewing, no fitting and just about no energy! It has been unbearably hot here (but cooler since Wednesday - and yes today we have the heater on) and I don't work so well in the heat. And when I say hot I mean sweat dripping off me onto the patterns hot! Pretty unseasonal for this time of year. It usually is just perfect autumn weather.

And to be honest I think I have lost a bit of confidence with the fitting! A bit like - OMG, where do I go from here? My plan is to make a shirt using my sloper as a guide. I have been checking out my Burda's but there are very few patterns in size 34. And to be honest again, I am not really a shirt lover (much prefer knits) so I am not getting overly enthused. But I think it would be good start to work on real clothes in a basic shape with what I have learnt. And I do have some shirting fabrics in the stash....wonder how they got there!?

I have been on the Internet a lot and have been enjoying everyone else's blogs - so thank you for that! I have also read the chat over on PR with Kenneth King and Lynda Maynard. Lynda has a CD book on adjusting commercial patterns using a fitted moulage. I figure my saran wrap is the same as a moulage as it has no ease, so I have ordered the CD book. Lynda mentioned that you start with matching your moulage waist with the waist of the pattern and then check out the shoulder point and make adjustments to fit. So I am hoping this CD book will send me in the right direction.

Also this morning I read a post by Lisa over at Blackwater Park on fitting and a book by Natalie Bray called Dress Fitting. The post called to me so I Googled up the book and it is available on an Australian Website - which means low postage and (hopefully) quick delivery. So that is ordered too!

This afternoon I will be going up to Shepparton (yet again - this is where my weekends are going) and won't be back until Monday. So the sewing will have to wait a bit longer. Maybe a bit of tracing out can be done while away.

Hope everyone has a very restful Easter and I will catch up with those Easter outfits next week!


Sigrid said...

Good to "hear" you. Have a restful Easter too, and am sure that you'll have your inspiration what to do next soon. Hope the heat stays away.

Birgitte said...

Have a happy easter and thanks for letting us know. Maybe when you return you could "whip up" something TNT, sometimes that helps me when I feel a little blue in the inspiration department. BTW, I was hooked on SIMS a few years ago- it can be totally addictive LOL

Tany said...

You won't regret getting the N bray book, it's awesome!

I wish you a Happy Easter, Vicki!
Hugs all the way from Portugal!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Vicki, nice to hear from you. I too have been "away" from blogging, sewing and all that is fun it seems, what with work and sick :(. Anyways all is on the up and up and I too hope to now get back to my sewing....Have a Happy Easter.

a little sewing on the side said...

Hi Vicki, nice to hear from you. And thanks for the links about fitting. I have a lot to learn about fitting, too. Lately I am trying not to sew any muslins at all, just a bit tired of that process. But I'll bounce back too.
It is a lot to learn, but as the process evolves I bet it will all become second nature.
Happy Easter!

Gwen said...

Hi Vicki! I'm so sorry you're feeling discouraged... :(
Hang in there - you'll get it figured out and the victory will be that much sweeter! :)
Happy Easter!

kbenco said...

Vicki, I am interested in the Natalie Bray book too. Did you order it new? I have only found UK sources on ebay so far, and the shipping quote is 30 pounds. If you did order it new would you please say where? My google search is showing me USA and UK ebay and amazon. Thank you, Karen

Vicki said...

Hi Karen,
I bought the book from The link to the book is:

I bought the book new so it wasn't cheap but what textbooks are? And the postage was $6.95. I hope it gets here soon!!

alethia said...

I am glad you are back. I know what you mean about loosing your confidence. I am having the same problem. I have been working on a blouse sloper and i am having a tough time getting the back to fit.Its frustating. Anyway i decided to sew up a couple of skirt and slacks, that's easy sewing form me. About the Nbray book it is worth buying. I think pattern drafting book cost about 100.00 US. Anyway its nice to hear from you

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have found Natalie Bray's books to be extremely helpful. I read her fitting book completely and twice. That was when I finally understood fitting. It is not difficult and the book is so well written, you feel like Ms Bray is right beside you guiding you along.
I have often recommended Natalie Bray's books but because it is not modern nor glossy, it doesn't get much attention. I think I have 3 copies each of all her books...that is how much I love her works.