Saturday, February 22, 2014

Marfy 1913

I've joined Leisa from A Challenging Sew with the free Marfy sew along.  The first make is the top 1913.

  • I didn't do a muslin but did check the measurements to ensure I have enough room.  It is a loose top and  the smallest size offered (42) I have found to be a bit big on me in the past.  I figured I could always take it in.
  • I used a 20 + year old poly I had in my stash.  I know it is at least that old as I bought it from Lincraft at Eastland before the redevelopment back in 1993.  Surprisingly it sewed up really easily, no puckers at all.
  • I added 1cm for seam allowances and sewed french seams.  
  • I added 2cm for the hem and used Leisa's method of hemming. I think I can omit this next time as a normal adjustment for me is to petite the bodice by 3cm, which I did not do with this. Not really necessary as there is no defined waist.
  • I used self made binding for the armholes and french binding for the neckline.  I followed this link and added the cute bow at the back.
  • I cut the back and added a seam.  This I did before I read all of Leisa's instructions - oops.  I am happy how it turned out actually as it doesn't gape as much in the back as the slit versions of others seems to do. I will try the slit version next time and see how I like that.
  • I didn't use the collar for this version.
  • Just happened to have matching belt and shoes in the closet - sweet!

I would like to try the elastic hem and collar for the next version.  And I have ideas also of making a lower neckline version with less cut away shoulders.

Details: Back closure with bow, shoulder seam with french seam and edge binding, hem treatment, neckline french binding.


RhondaBuss said...

You look so pretty! I am always a fan of a cut away armhole. The fabric you choose Is such a great print. So happy to see you popping up a little more ;)

Tany said...

Wonderful job, Vicki!! The top came out great!! Love it!

Sharon said...

Lovely blouse and the colours are perfect. I graded down a size for mine so it is effectively a 40.

Sigrid said...

Lovely top Vicki.

Diana said...

I don't know how I missed this. It's lovely!. I've been wanting to try a Marfy pattern for years and one day I will.

Nancy said...

I love the top and imagine is would be wonderful under a suit jacket. Is there any chance you might consider adding the gadget that allows someone to follow by email subscription? It makes it so much easier to follow when new posts come right to one's inbox. Thanks.

Carolyn said...

Your top looks so lovely on you! and the colours are wonderful. It's a very chic design :)