Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finishing off a UFO

My Marfy skirt (see previous post) was made from the left overs from a UFO. This UFO dates back quite a few years and I couldn't remember why I had left it. Anyway today I dug it out and just about completed it. It is a simple bias skirt. Two side seams, facings at the waist and a side zipper. Ok, now I see what is wrong....the invisible zip is broken! Well that would make you throw it into the corner and leave it to ferment for years, wouldn't it?

So today - I took out the broken zip, put in a new zip, sewed two side seams, found the already interfaced facings, sewed them onto the waist and ..............viola!

This took me all of one and a half hours! I still need to do the hem, but I will let the bias drop a little. Actually I will let it drop for a few days as I need to go up to Shepparton to attend to family stuff. Happy sewing :)

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