Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Chanel Suit

I am starting a winter long project - a Chanel suit. Marji has inspired me to have a go at this . Her jackets are just beautiful and I do have the perfect fabric!

I bought the wool tweed (Black, pink and burgandy) at a market in Hong Kong. Believe it or not, this is a picture of the market!

Just the lower tent like area is the market- all under tarps. It looks a bit scary, and it was but my sister & I ventured on and actually went in! I can't remember what I paid for it - probably about $40 HK for a metre - so about $6 Aussie dollars or about $7 US (on our fab exchange rate at the moment :). This was the only fabric I purchased from there.

The silk lining was purchased from a stall at the Western Market. The picture at the left is the building that this more upmarket market is situated. The trim was purchased at a shop in the garment district of HK - in the same area as the first market. I am not sure if I will have enough trim as I only have 2 metres. It should be enough for the edges, pockets and vents.

And I don't know what pattern I will use yet. A couple of years ago I did make this jacket in the style - but without the quilting and the "Chanelisms". I used a Burda WOF pattern. It does not have princess seams, or a three piece sleeve, so I think I will go in search of another pattern. I was also wondering - do you use shoulder pads in Chanel jackets? This pattern uses shoulder pads.

By the way, this jacket was made from a silk tweed from the Western Market and lined with a poly fabric (big mistake - too hot). I fused whisperweft to all the fabric before cutting. I also made the trim. In fact I think I will wear it today when off to parent/teacher interviews at DDs' school - with brown jeans, brown boots and a coral tshirt.


Summerset said...

Go for it! I've seen Marji's jacket in person, and it is a gorgeous garment, plus it's very versatile! If you don't have Claire Schaeffer's "Couture Sewing Techniques", you should get it - there's a section in there on the Chanel jackets. I'm assuming you already have it, but here's a link anyway.
Threads also ran some articles on the jacket, and gave some pattern numbers to try. I don't think there was a 3 piece sleeve among them, though. If you don't have the article, let me know and I'll get those pattern numbers to you.

I love the colors of your fabric and the lining will be perfect - a lot of Chanel's linings were "different".

Vicki said...

Thanks Summerset. Yes, I do have that book and have been reading it again over the last couple of days. I didn't realise it had all those Chanel secrets until reading it again. I suppose the first time around I wasn't so interested.

I also have at least one Threads article.

Jennifer said...

Hi Vicki,

I stumbled across your blog while hunting for addresses for fabric shops in Hong Kong. I am going there for the first time and I was hoping you could tell me where the other market is, the one where you purchased your outer fabric.

Also, I know we do not know each other, but I was sorry to read about the recent death of your father. Please do accept my condolences.

Best regards,


Vicki said...

Hi Jennifer, welcome to my blog....the market is called the Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar in the area of Sham Shui Po. I can email a copy of an article I have if you want to leave your email address.

Thanks for the condolences on my father.

Pierre-Arthur said...

Hello! I'm French and I speak a little of English. It's a wonderful project to sew a Chanel suit. A detail: don't use shoulder pads for Chanel jacket. There is never shoulder pads. But there is, inside the jacket, at the lower hem, a little chain to make a perfect verticality to the jacket. Try "chanel suit" on Ebay, you will find pictures of what I mean. Good Luck!!! Pierre-Arthur said...

So what is the absolute best sewing pattern for a Chanel suit?

Dooley said...

So what is the best pattern for a Chanel suit?