Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weather in Melbourne Australia

I have just been reading Summerset's blog on her beautiful daughter's beautiful dress. And beautiful they are. But then I thought..."Won't she be cold?". So my post today is about the weather here (in Melbourne) and how we live in it.

The weather at this time of year (early autumn) is beautiful. Today it will be 21 (70f). But I would be cold if I wore a summer frock. We don't have central heating as we don't get extremely cold weather - even in winter. Some mornings get a bit frosty, but never any snow or subzero temperatures. So heating is good but not something that is kept on all the time. Turned off at night and then turned on when home from work. If I am at home during the day, I may put on the heating or just put my polar fleece dressing gown over what I have on.

So even though the weather is mild, some people from colder climes would find it very cold as there is not that central heating that they may be used to. The air around them is not heated and they need to dress appropriately.

So back to the dress - lucky Summerset's daughter is not here, because she would have to cover up her pretty dress with a cardigan, jacket or heaven forbid - polar fleece dressing gown (lol) - even while inside....and what a shame that would be!

So to summarise my weather in Melbourne you never know what you will get. At this time of year you need to be prepared for 30 (86f) and for 15 (60f) - yes even on the one day. So you need always to consider the layers. Preparing for Easter means - layers, just in case. So maybe that is why we don't make a new dress for Easter? It is not a custom here. And besides even though Easter is about rebirth, here we are heading towards winter......sigh!

So what can I make that looks good in polar fleece................


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your summary of our weather. This is my professional area but I couldn't have put it better.

My daughter worked in Glasgow for a year and she was always amazed at how underdressed the girls were as they headed out clubbing in winter. It fact the newspapers carried warning about it at New Year.


Tany said...

It's mostly below 21 here in Portugal, so I won't get the chance to wear anything sleeveless for a while (in fact I'm wearing a polar fleece jacket now)!! Better days will come, I hope!

Summerset said...

Thanks for linking to me! Yes, my poor daughter will have to wear a cardigan with her dress. It's still in the 30'sF to 60'sF around here.

Very interesting post about your weather. We have four seasons here in New England, and our yearly weather can vary from below 0F to the mid 90F range! You really do have to have all sorts of clothes, everything from full on parkas and snowpants to swimsuits. In New England most homes have central heat, but not central air conditioning. Maybe the newer ones do, but ours doesn't and it's less than 20 years old. It only gets really hot and miserable for a few days at a time a few times a summer. Heat is the more important thing with the winter weather!