Friday, March 30, 2007

Today I had an adventure!

To cheer myself up, I decided to go on a fabric shop viewing trip. I decided to visit Remnant Warehouse, Dancing Queen and Artextile. This is what happened.....

1. Remnant Warehouse. I have heard of this shop but had never been.....and I won't be going is closing down TOMORROW! So that is the bad news. The good news is that all their Vogue patterns were in bins and were only 50c each! Here is what I got.

I also got some viscose lining in dark grey/black for $3 a metre. There was only 3 metres left so I bought it all. There was not a lot left in the shop.

2. Dancing Queen. This shop is in Lennox St Richmond (Melbourne). It is a very small shop and has unusual fabrics. Some of them are vintage. I purchase 3 pieces back on the Pattern Review Down Under weekend last year. But today nothing much inspired me, but I started talking to the owner about how I was looking for a lining to match my silk linen rose fabric. And voila - there it was.....a beautiful Italian acetate. The colours matched perfectly and it has two sides that can be used to advantage. It was a bit pricey at $16 a metre....but it was 20% off (they have a sale on at the moment). I bought 3 metres. Enough hopefully for a dress, jacket and skirt. Don't you just love their bags? - plastic with fabric plaits for handles.

Below is my suit fabric on the left with the new lining on the right - showing both sides.

3. Next was Artextile, just down the road - literally less than 500 metres. This just has to be the shop for the most beautiful fabrics in the whole wide world - if you are looking mainly for suitings. Ahhhhhh...........but at $85 + a metre, I declined. I have so much already, but I promise myself that if I make up a large portion of the stash this winter, then I can buy myself some luxury designer wool. There was this lamb and cashmere...............sigh! Burberry wool......sigh again! And the most softest red wool at $220 for the piece (1.9 metres).

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Summerset said...

MMMMmmmm - very cute bag and lovely lining!