Friday, October 12, 2007

Another film from Ellen

Today I am off to Shepparton for a couple of days so no more work on the Jacket. Thankyou for the encouragement. I really want to get it done now!

In the mean time, Ellen wanted me to share this with as many people as possible. She has made a short film (about 90 seconds) for a competition initiated by a company that travels to schools to perform and educate on Shakespeare plays etc. The competition entails interpreting a line of Shakespeare any way you like. She has chosen the line "Out damn spot" from Macbeth, the play which she studied this year. In a nutshell - Lady Macbeth is feeling the guilt's for her part in the murder of the king. I really like what she has done with this.

There are lots of good prises, so if you would like to vote for her she would appreciate it very much.

If you go to this link, Ellen's film will show up (eventually) and then you can watch and vote for it (if you like). Make sure you have the sound on as that adds to the film.

Enjoy your weekend!


marty said...

Voted for her, Vickie. Have fun with your mom.

Isabelle said...

Have a good weekend, Vicki.
Ellen's video would not load on my browser... I tried Firefox and IE... I'll try again later! :)

patsijean said...

Ellen put more work into her project than many others did. It was quite creative, so I voted for her. I voted for a couple others who I thought thoughtful but did not get many votes.

Tany said...

I voted for Hellen! Have a great weekend, Vicki!!