Saturday, October 6, 2007

Need some motivation

I am missing the sewing mojo. I think those couches have driven the fun of sewing out the back door!

However, I have two exciting weekends coming up - the second last one in October I am going to Sydney for a work conference. We will be conferencing by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, cruising on the harbour and having cocktails enjoying the city view.

The last weekend in October is the PatternREview Downunder weekend. Dinners, fabric buying trip etc. So maybe I should sew up some of the gazzillions of metres of fabric I bought last year?

But I am thinking of starting on some recent fabric purchases:
From left..
. Olive jacket weight- 62% cotton, 35 poly and 3% elastine
. Green flower on white for skirt- 100% cotton
. Sparkle jersey for a top - 65% poly, 35% viscose
. Green cotton for dress - 100% cotton
The last fabric is not part of the mini wardrobe but was purchased at the same time - Purple flower - 97% cotton, 3% elastine

I am planning on making the jacket using Vogue 8398 - the centre view.

So what sort of skirt? And what top? For the skirt I am thinking a half circle type on a yoke. Simple. And for the top........a T? The sparkle jersey does not have any elastine so will not fit closely. I notice that the silhouette with the jacket is slim. I think full will work as long as there is the slim directly under the jacket. So no full top.

I have to say I am not feeling the love with this, so any feedback would be good! I will start with the jacket and see how I go.....


Summerset said...

Oh Vicki! I've been there (believe it or not!). Here's what I think - take it or leave it, I'm not offended: make yourself a simple, fuller skirt like you suggested out of that purple/white flower print, then make that little jacket in a solid purple or a solid white with purple topstitching. Then wear a close fitting t-shirt or tank with it in the opposite color (either white or purple), maybe with a little lace on it. Pretty, feminine, and spring-like! It is getting to be spring in your part of the world, right?

Isabelle said...

Vicki, those fabrics are gorgeous!
I love Summerset's ideas.
You should definitely start with the skirt - a fun and effective project. Besides, who doesn't feel great when wearing a full pretty skirt? :)

When I'm not sure what to sew next, looking at the reviews on PatternReview is always sure to get the creative juices flowing again.

I'm sure inspiration will strike you again when you're least expecting it - and you'll want to spend your entire days sewing :)