Friday, February 15, 2008

Fitting - part 3 - sloper (part e)

I have got to the stage of putting it all together. I raised my armhole by 2cms and adjusted my sleeves accordingly. I have set the sleeves and inserted the front zip. From here I now need to adjust for my body curves and shapes which are unique to me - so say Vogue.

Many of you have commented to try the sloper in muslin. I will eventually do that, however again according to Vogue....."Unlike muslin or gingham, the non-woven fabric will wrinkle or pull which will immediately identify the area that needs an alteration." The "fabric" is not paper and is more like Vilene. And let me tell you it is pulling and wrinkling!!

Here are some photos taken with the self not so good. The first thing that concerns me is the the bust point looks too high and I DO NOT WANT to undo and redo. There is also all sorts of things happening in the upper chest and around the armhole. (Oh, and please excuse the bra - I need to keep wearing the same one for these fittings)

So that is it for now as I am leaving to go visit mum in Shepparton this afternoon and won't be back until late tomorrow. I will then get my photographers (who are at school at the moment) to take closer photos and then we can start to analyse.


Sew4Fun said...

Vicki, I think it looks pretty darn good! :)

The bust dart may be a tad high and the sleeves could use an extra 1/2" in length. The folds/wrinkles on the front and back bodice to me seem to be saying you need a slight sloped shoulder adjustment, but all in all I think you should be very pleased! If that's all you have to alter, very well done!

Don't overthink too much on your way up to see your mum. :) Have a nice weekend.

/anne... said...


looking great!

One comment - I could very easily be wrong, but some of the major horizontal lines (bust, waist, hip - back and front) don't seem entirely level. If you've got a spirit level at home, it might be worthwhile getting your helpers to check them.

Have a lovely weekend!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Vicki, first impression when I saw the pictures was "yes" it's looks wonderful... I do agree with sew4fun for alterations required...but other than that you have to be so pleased at this point. Very nice work!

Tany said...

I agree with Belinda, you did an outstanding work! My first thought was "Perfect"!

paco peralta said...

Vicky .- now everything looks fabulous, really. Sincerely, Paco

Anonymous said...

You look hot!
Just kidding, it does look like a good fit though.