Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Curtains...the bane of my existence.....

Did a quick calculation on how much fabric I would need to do the two windows and I came up with 22.5 metres. Spotlight came up with 24.5. Either way it is way expensive at $22.95 a metre! $500 +. And they don't have enough in stock so I would need to order it is. So I had a quick look at the ready mades - not the right size (or colour), but a lot cheaper. Next to the cheaper fabric - none there - all a bit yellow and not latte. Next to have a bit of a chat to the lady in made to measure - approx $1,000 per window...ick!!!! So to sum up - no curtains and no fabric!

Then later I am thinking - what about roman blinds? Less fabric, and more of a clean look. Maybe I should practice on the bedroom ones that have been sitting and waiting for 7 years....maybe.

On a more fun note, I bought myself an Ott-lite. Punchwithjudy had them on special last month where if you bought a floor lamp you received a desk one as well and the price was reduced to $229. I know it is a lot and that is why I hadn't bought one before but I had spent the prior night trying to unpick in a very bad light. I am very happy with my purchase as now I can see - what a difference that makes. Here was my first sewing project with the light - sewing on ribbons to Ellen's pointe shoes - nearly as bad a curtain

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Summerset said...

Um, you know, I have skipped the curtain thing in the past. I have very large windows in my house and buying/making curtains is very expensive (as you've found out). So, I've gone to doing blinds and valances or pelmets or whatever you call them, instead.

I don't have an Ott light - lucky you!