Sunday, June 24, 2007

Some art work

I am working on recovering the couches for The Good Room. And it certainly is a challenge...and not a pleasant one! I have given up for the day as it just was not happ'nin'! But I do have some "art" work to show. I bought a blank canvas from Lincraft and a metre of fabric from Spotlight. Both items were on sale for 25% off - I like that! Sofie and I simply stapled the fabric (after much debate on which way the fabric should go etc etc) onto the frame and here is the result:

And the back...not so neat, but what a big effect for so little effort!

Oh, and we have ordered the carpet - a 100% solution dyed nylon that has a 15 year guarantee against stains!! Even against the husband "resting the eyes" while holding a full glass of red wine..........


designdreamer said...

I have a husband that "rests his eyes" occasionally too! Fortunately, I don't he's ever had a glass of wine in his hand at the same time!

Katharine said...

Wow.. that is pretty! Is it going to hang on a wall, become a firescreen or stay on the floor?