Saturday, June 9, 2007

Vogue 7755

I am making the large tote on the upper left hand corner. I got this pattern at a closing down sale (Remnant Warehouse in Prahran) for 50 cents. This is my first attempt at making a bag and it was the fabric in the last post that motivated me to "'ave a go".

I lined the bag from some poly cotton I found lurking in the stash and decided to make some pockets from some old sheeting. I had a bit left over from some other project - actually I don't remember why I have it at all but it was there so I used it...

I decided to keep the top of the sheet as the top of my pockets (saves on stitching ) and did a decorative stitch to pretty it up a bit.

I made two pockets for one side - a phone pocket and a keys pocket. I put tucks into the pockets to give them some depth. On the other side I just did one pocket to keep my PDA in.

For the straps I used some green grosgrain ribbon which I stitched on top as seen in this picture:

Here is a photo with the ribbon sewn on.

So, everything was going along nicely. Had a bit of trouble getting the sides stitched to the bottom but with lots of clipping I managed to get it attached without any ripples. Mmmmm, I think something is wrong.........

Lucky I have enough fabric to recut - oh darn!!!!!!!!!!!


Tany said...

Oh no!! I'm glad you have enough fabric to recut... I hate when that happens to me (and it has happened once or twice in the past)

Summerset said...

Oh no! This looks exactly like something I'd do, and never notice until the whole thing was complete! At least you have extra fabric!

MareeAlison said...

Vicki - you could always say you planned it that way.