Friday, June 22, 2007

Update on the good room

I wish I could say I haven't posted because I have been so busy making curtains and recovering couches, but alas that is not the case! I have been busy at work - end of financial year here on June 30, and cleaning up/out the study. Belinda has made her curtains and they look fantastic!

I have been looking for carpet as well, and have decided I may as well get new carpet for the lounge room, study and sewing room at the same time. We currently have 20 year old moth eaten, stained wool Berber. And you know what that means? Moving all the furniture. So I have started on a clean out program. The study has been done and this morning I have found the sewing room again!! DH will be painting the sewing room for me before the carpet gets laid.

Here he is painting The Good Room. The colour looks pretty good. You can see the couches in the middle. I have pulled them apart, removed some of the framing, and measured up for fabric. I have bought the fabric - chocolate micro suede from Spotlight (25% off!). I won't start until the paint has dried. So I will have a go at the bedroom roman blinds.

I also purchased this gorgeous throw and cushions from Spotlight in anticipation of the renovations. Sofie has already named the throw Guy Sebastian as it is so cuddly! And we have the DVD we are going to watch once we have the new TV - so lots of excitement and anticipation here......


Summerset said...

Looks good so far! I love the color of the couches and throw/pillow together! Warm and inviting.

Vonne said...

Argh Vicki, you've gotcha self on a big project there :))Lucky you have some helpers too. I am looking forward to seeing the *after* shots now. I hope you are enjoying your redecorating with some cardenay rest breaks!