Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Good Room

The most sewing I got done today was to recut the bag - hopefully the right way up this time!!

We have a French exchange student coming to stay with us in early July for a couple of weeks. So, we had a look around and decided the house could do with a bit of a spruce up. We started this morning in the kitchen. DH got the job of taking the venetians out to wash while DDs and I scrubbed polished and generally tidied up. It took about and hour and a half and then we went to lunch :)

This after noon we decided to once and for all fix up the playroom. This is a room outside the girls bedrooms. When they were young they played Bratz dolls and blocks there. Hence the name of the room. Now that they are teenagers they have renamed the space "The Good Room" - after Kath & Kim (Aussie TV show). DD no 2 Sofie said I never follow through (we had planned to redo the room on several previous occasions) and I hate to admit that she is right 'cos I do get the "can't be bothereds". Well to make sure I do follow through this time, I hereby declare the makeover of the "Good Room. The to do list is:

1. clean up - done

2. clear out old toys - done

3. rearrange tv to see if we like new location - done

4. get swatches for fabric and paint (see it will be sewing related)

5. paint the room

6. recover couches (sofas)

7. make curtains (this one may be difficult - I still haven't made the bedroom curtains, that I bought fabric for back in 2000!!)

8. buy carpet

9. new tv

10. arrange for digital antenna


The door on the left is to Ellen's bedroom. Sofie's room is next to hers. Sofie is in the picture on the right - my little helper. Ellen was busy cleaning out her room - a well overdue task. We should have exchange students come more often :))

Ellen is in the photo below. She is on the staircase that leads to the rest of the house.

And here is after shots. We have moved the couch and TV. The plan is to put a small flat screen tv on the wall above the cupboards.

If you look closely you can see the rubbish outside! At the front door there is an even bigger pile to go to St Vinnies!

As a side note - there were curtains for both ends of the room but alas they did not work properly! Curtains are definitely not my strong point!!


Summerset said...

So what color are you going to paint it? You have a lot of bright color going on in there now. Nothing like houseguests to motivate, is there?

Vonne said...

Vicki,this is looking good ! I am sure the girls will add some great ideas as to colours and window dressing.
I need some of your motivation to rub off on me!