Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A fun day out!

Today I met up with Cheryl and Belinda for the annual Australian Sewing Guild get together at Birch Haberdashery in Melbourne. There was a talk first on new products and then we were let loose in the warehouse for some serious shopping!! Birch even provided refreshments - sandwiches, cake etc so it became an almost all day affair. All goodies were at wholesale prices, so about half retail. I will be starting a list now for next year!
Here is a photo of my haul. Included in there are a few purchases for my sister as well! My most expensive item was the KC Hotfix Applicator at $33. It is a pretty nifty item as it has attachments to turn it into a minnie iron as well! The cutting mats were $21.
A good day!


Summerset said...

Lucky you! There are *lots* of nice goodies in that photo!

Tany said...

It seems like you had a wonderful time together!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Wow! What a great haul! Seems like you had a wonderful day...I love sewing adventures with friends!

Gorgeous Things said...

How fun! Looks like all three of you were having a great time.