Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vogue 2984

Today I have been working on the skirt from Vogue 2984. It has a nice back view. I am using a fabric I got from the Western Market in Hong Kong. I was hoping to finish by tomorrow to show you with the 3rd pair of new shoes. Unfortunately that won't happen! I will show the shoes but with another outfit.

The skirt has been a disappointment. First of all the fabric that I thought was a tropical weight wool turns out to be poly (at least I think).

I bought it with several other offcuts of suiting fabric. They all have writing on the selvage. Some say English, Cashmere, 120 count etc. I haven't tested them all but this one failed the natural fibre test. It is however still a lovely fabric but does not mould as well as wool, and the seams pucker slightly.

The pattern too is a disappointment. Notches on two occasions do not match up! I thought I had made a mistake but no, going back to the pattern I can see Vogue are the ones who made the mistakes. There are mistakes in the instructions too! And in the end, the skirt is too big and the side curves are in the wrong place. Sigh! All fixable, but not tonight Josephine!

So if you have this pattern, beware. If there are this many mistakes in the skirt, how many in the jacket?

Again thankyou for all your nice comments on previous posts!

Isabelle said "...I don't know if you know the blog "What I wore today" ( I discovered it recently. Your blog is turning into this, with an even more interesting twist: with you, it's "what I made myself AND wore today" :) ". Thanks Isabelle, but I must confess I found Kasmira's blog awhile ago and enjoy it very much! I thought it would be fun to combine what she does with what we do - sew. So rather than just show a finished garment I will show it in an outfit as well.

Nancy said "I like the ensemble too. The black lace hem on pinstripe is a nice look that I'll need to "borrow" one of these days". Again I must confess to borrowing from someone else. Kathryn (fxzdoc at Stitches Guild) has made a couple of outfits in grey with black lace. Here is a link to one of them. Kathryn's whole album is eye candy!

So it is off to bed for me. Hopefully Friday will bring better sewing joy.


Lisa Laree said...

I've been mulling over that red jacket lately; I'm not sure it isn't going to be a twilight-zone trip through the sewing black hole (or in my case, royal blue hole) once I really get into it...but I've got so much to do before I can get to it that the 'ooo I want it' fever may cool before I get there and I can be rational about it and test everything out before I run headlong into a mess. ;)

I'll be watching with interest if you have a go at it!

Isabelle said...

Sorry that both the fabric and pattern have proved a disappointment Vicki... That's frustrating! Hope you can reach a satisfying conclusion :)

Thank you for replying to my comment! I do think it's a great idea! Ever since I've discovered Kashmira's blog I've been toying with the idea, too. I wouldn't be able to do this everyday, but perhaps once a week? Perhaps we could set up a meme for this, or even create a collective blog on blogger for "seamstresses' outfits". That would be fun and inspiring, not only to see a finished project, but to see it do its task in real life so to speak.
Anyway, just dreaming out loud :) but I do love your outfit entries Vicki :)

Summerset said...

That's too bad about the fabric and the pattern! I've had my share of those - I'm now curious how it turns out, so when you get it done, let us know.

I like the idea of showing the whole outfit, too. It's hard to imagine how a garment will looks with other garments if it's just on a dressform. Sometimes I do take a picture on a dressform, but you've proved it's so much better to see it all put together!

Cherie said...

I agree - loving the outfits posted! Kinda reminds me of the SWAPs, when the sewists put together the combos in outfits. Vicki, you do it well!