Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shiny, shiny black shoes

My second pair of shoes purchased over the weekend were these... They bear a remarkable resemblance to Carolyn's shoes!

These are my first pair of black patent shoes. Sofie my youngest daughter always had to have a pair of "shiny, shiny, black shoes". Whenever she grew out of one pair she would need a new pair to replace them. So these are my very own shiny, shiny, black shoes!

Today I wore them to work with a couple more wardrobe items made prior to having this blog. The twin set was made from KS3338. A review on how I made the twin set can be seen over at Patternreview. The skirt's review is here.

I only have one more work day this week and I have earmarked the eggplant shoes/boots for Thursday. The teal shoes are for next week. I will see what I can find (or make) for those!


Nancy (nanflan) said...

Cute shoes!

I like the ensemble too. The black lace hem on pinstripe is a nice look that I'll need to "borrow" one of these days.

Isabelle said...

Another great outfit, Vicki! I don't know if you know the blog "What I wore today" (http://whatiwore2day.blogspot.com/). I discovered it recently. Your blog is turning into this, with an even more interesting twist: with you, it's "what I made myself AND wore today" :)

Summerset said...

The teal is unexpected with the black - great combination. I love patent shoes, too! Black is my fav, but I have two red pair, one of which I'm wearing today.

Tany said...

Wow (again!)!!! Great outfit! I really love your shoes!!

Cherie said...

Shoes TDF - I did the red patent peep toes wedges, love them! Terrific outfit, and your creativity with that pattern.The empire line with the hooks there and at the neckline are a wonderful design feature!

And thanks for your email!

Robin said...

shiny, shiny black shoes!
I likee, I likeeee!

You really have a way of putting things together. You are inspiring me to wear more skirts.

And shiny shoes!
That is such a cute story.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Love the skirt and the shoes! :) I long to make a skirt like that with the lace but it definitely wouldn't be understood in my office! *LOL*

Londyn said...

Love the lace and stockings. Very sexy!