Saturday, September 29, 2007

At long last, it is over!

After many months of pain, torture and internal (and some external) dialogue of "why am I doing this?" I present to you:

My helper Sofie is all relaxed on her new recovered couch. This is the three seater. The two seater is in the next photo and you can see the wall hanging that we made in the background.
Yes, they are not perfect, BUT THEY ARE DONE!!! BTW, the threads you can see are actually on the carpet which had not be vacuumed before the photos.

I have to say I learned quite a few things with this project:

  • How to dismantle couches and cover from scratch
  • How to make square cushions and fill with fibre
  • How to keep going when you just want to throw them over the balcony
  • How Sofie is such a great helper - she helped put the fabric on, off, on, off the couches for fitting. She unpicked when necessary and generally was a cheerleader from the other side of the sewing machine.
  • How I never want to do this again!

So my advice to others thinking about undertaking such a project....don't! Life is too short to cover couches!

And just a reminder of how it used to look with a before and after shot:

We still could do with curtains - but hey summer is coming and we don't want to cover the view now do we ?;) And the green cupboards (actual chalk board paint) needs to be replaced in due course.

If you want to see all the posts on this (including my earlier enthusiasm) refer to the label "The Good Room"

The thought of a structured Tailor jacket now seems easy peasy after this project!


Summerset said...

Congratulations! They look awesome! I'm sure you're relieved that's over. You should be proud of yourself that you stuck with it - not many people would have even started such a task, let alone finished it!

Sew4Fun said...

Wow Vicki, great job! The room looks great. I can't believe you kept going with the couches. Done is brilliant. :) I don't feel one ounce of guilt wanting to pay someone else to cover my couches, after following along with your experience. I sew, but I don't re-upholster.

julia said...

Congratulations! It's very encouraging that a dressing woman's form is more appealing than that of a rectangular couch! Still - great job!

Isabelle said...

Congrats, Vicki! They look great. And I'm in absolute love with that wallhanging - chocolate and blue is by far my favourite colour combo, and I love the modern lines of your quilt.

Congratulations on sticking with that tedious task when you could have enjoyed sewing fun garments instead. A true work of love!!

Cherie said...

Vicki, first of all, the sofas are wonderful. I know what you mean by "never again", though.

My sister talked me into doing two upholstery projects for her, not wanting to pay a professional upholsterer. I did point out to her that one does not see throngs of upholsterers lounging on the world's beaches, so they can't be making that much money! You'd recognize upholsterers by their bloodied fingers!

Tany said...

Vicki, you did an outstanding job! Now you can relax and enjoy it! It's truly gorgeous!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Vicki - those are amazing! I have to commend you for tackling such a difficult project 'cause I am just not about home dec sewing at all! The most I will do is curtains and then only because I am scared the neighbors will call the police if they see me naked! *LOL* You did a marvelous job on remaking the room!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful makeover.
Slipcovers - It feels so good to FINISH.
I've done the same thing. Not fun til it is OVER.
Looks GREAT!

Theresa (Textilogist) said...

Congratulations-the couches and the room look lovely. I do admire persistance-my one memory of recovering an old lounge is very hazy and I have no memory of it ever being finished.