Sunday, May 6, 2007

Marfy 1245

Marfy 1245 is my next project. I have had this pattern for a little while and have been a bit scared to touch it. But I have decided to just jump in!

I have cut out a muslin and am in the process of sewing that up. I did not make any changes yet to the pattern. I am expecting it to need a forward shoulder adjustment and sway back adjustment - my usual changes. I have a size 42 and the measurements equal my waist and hip exactly. My bust is 2cm larger (with my bra on) but as my shoulders and upper chest are pretty narrow I may find it too big in that area. We will see.

I have a linen blend blue fabric (with shades of brown flowers) that goes really well with denim. I thought some denim for the contrast would be great. Then I had a bit of a look through the stash and came up with this brown striped stretch denim. Mmm, that will go nice particularly if I top stitch with brown thread. I have enough of this fabric (hopefully) to make a pair of pants to match. I also have brown jeans and blue jeans that will both go really well with the proposed jacket.

So far I have laid the pattern out so that it resembles how it will look - ie match up the letters. Then I have cut the muslin and put the pieces into groups - front, back and sleeve. I have started to sew them together and so far so good.

I haven't forgotten the Chanel jacket but I wanted something that I could make now and wear within two weeks. This burst of motivation has come from a visit to Shepparton last Friday. I am popping up there (about 2 hour drive north of Melbourne) pretty often as both my parents are in hospital there. I was stopped mid sentence by three different nurses at three different meetings about the jacket I was wearing. All commented how gorgeous it was and were even more impressed when I said I made it myself! Don't you just love it when that happens? And the jacket just happens to be made from a pink version of the blue fabric above. I bought both when I couldn't decide which one I liked most. Here is a photo:

The fabric has a lovely sheen to it, which makes it just that bit extra special. So of course, I am hoping to get the Marfy done by the next time I go up to Shepparton. There is no way I will get the Chanel done by then!


Summerset said...

Your pink jacket is really lovely! I love the lines and shape - what's the pattern?

Tany said...

Love that jacket too! And the Marfy pattern is lovely!

Vicki said...

Thanks Summerset and Tany. The jacket is Simplicity 4182. I made a skirt too that I have only worn once to a wedding. The jacket I wear with jeans. Here are some more photos my photos

Isabelle said...

Your Marfy jacket is going to be amazing!! As for the pink jacket, it is so beautiful. No wonder you got so many compliments!

Summerset said...

Where was I when that jacket pattern was published - it's great? Nice pictures, although for a moment I did have to wonder how you had green plants and flowers in February. I then remembered you're down under!