Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sewing again

Thank you all again for the hugs and kind wishes. It is much appreciated!!:)

About a month ago I purchased the Marcy Tilton DVD/book Where Did you get That T-Shirt. This week I sat down in front of the computer and watched the demonstrations and read the text. I think it is fantastic that you can make something so unique from a basic pattern. Yesterday I went through the stash and boy do I have a lot of is about time I made a few of them up!! Lots of teals and lots of pinks, and quite a few browns. But as I couldn't decide which ones to use (I wanted to use more than one, a al Marcy Tilton) I didn't do anything!

Come Saturday I went straight for something completely different - this interesting fabric I got from Frou Frou in Glen Waverly as a remnant - maybe 1.5 metres? It is a brown and orange mesh with flowers, sequins, rouching etc. I draped in on Eames with other fabrics that I thought may match - a brown mesh and a coral mesh. I ditched the coral as it looked too pink with the orange. I decided the brown looked good and I would use that as the sleeves.

I cut a row of the shirring as binding for the neckline and the sleeve hems. I cut the body of the top with a row of shirring at the bottom (to be the hem), but alas it just made the mesh poof out - not a good look on the hips, so I cut the the shirring off. It made the top shorter but the effect overall was much better. I have left the bottom unhemed.

For the neck binding, after cutting it about 5cms shorter than the neck edge and dividing it into quarters, I just zig zagged the binding onto the neck edge. Very easy and the effect is pretty good, if I do say so myself! With the sleeve hems I sewed the binding on before attaching the sleeves to the body.

I am not 100% happy with the final result as there is a bit of pouching in the bust area - not sure if it is because the pattern is too long between shoulder and underarm or if it is just the fabric. I used Kwik Sew 3338 ( I will post more on that tomorrow) size XS. The fabric does have a lot of now for the unveiling (on Eames).......

I had heaps of fabric over, so I quickly whipped up a one seam skirt to match! The top and skirt are about to go out for Chinese, so I will get a photo of me in it to post tomorrow.

I can feel a few more T-Shirts in my future......


Isabelle said...

Vicki, that is a fantastic top! Congrats!

Tany said...

Great top! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Excellent creative choices, Vicki. It's a great top and I love seeing it with the skirt.