Sunday, May 27, 2007

Where did you get that T-Shirt

As mentioned yesterday, I have the Marcy Tilton video book "Where Did You Get That T-Shirt". This is a new acquisition - I didn't really need it as I have made tops and t-shirts before with pretty good success. But you know, that is no reason not to get something, now is it? I used

Kwik Sew 3338. This is a good pattern to use as it has a longer back shoulder armscye to the front and the shoulder dot on the sleeve is that little bit more forward to match that. It also has a bust "dart" of sorts - that is the front is a bit longer than the back and you ease the difference at bust level giving you that little bit more fabric in the bust area. More than enough for moi! These are things that Marcy suggests you need for a better fit.

This pattern has negative ease which is not a recommendation by Marcy, but I like my t-shirts to be fitted.

The video book has:

8 videos that cover tissue fitting, cutting out, stabilising, binding, sleeves etc.

Text pages that give the same information as the videos

Pages of inspirational t-shirts (her website has even more)

The good thing is you don't need an overlocker/serger/coverstitch machine - and the results are pretty darn good! One thing you need to do which can make a really big impact on the final look is to pin fit the t-shirt before you stitch the side and sleeve seams. You get a really good feel for how the t-shirt is going to look before it is TOO LATE! You can tailor the fit with this one step to see how you want the t-shirt to look.

I stitch my knit tops with a very small zig zag - length 2mm and width 1.5mm. This gives enough stretch. I then do a second row on seams with more stress. I could overlock, but that would require me to set up another it really is not necessary. Marcy has a spray glue method of setting the hems before stitching. I didn't try this as I left my hem raw. I will let you know how this goes on my next one!

As promised, here is a picture of me last night with the latest t-shirt and the 10 minute skirt. For the skirt I just sewed up the rectangle of left over fabric and added lingerie elastic to the waist. I used the selvage of the fabric for the hem.

For Aussie readers - it looks a bit "Motto" doesn't it? Definitely unintentional!


Isabelle said...

Vicki, that's a great outfit you've got there!

Debbie Cook said...

Great new outfit!

Tany said...

WOw, you look stunning! Very well done!

Sew4Fun said...

Vicki, I love the whole outfit. I agree it's VERY Motto and also very Frou Frou. :) I love Motto but I always baulk at the prices. Great for inspiration though.