Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today I went to check out the grand re-opening of the Box Hill (in Melbourne) Spotlight store. Spotlight stores are the large craft/home ware/sewing stores in Australia and New Zealand.

I often go to this store or the extra humongous Bayswater store. I went to snap up a bargain and the pins, threads and a pattern for my Chanel jacket.

And in the words of Jane Austin (slightly misquoted)..."there was an appalling lack of fabric!"

This is all that is left of the fabric selection. One small tenth (at a guess) of the store. And no I didn't buy any. I did rather think a bolt of viscose spandex brown/teal knit may look nice on me, however there was not a mirror to be found to check the effect on me. Next to find some silk thread - no not to be found! But I did get some topstitching and other thread for my next Marfy project. So not all was lost

Later in the day I took youngest DD to Knox shopping centre to see Dean Geyer (an Australian Idol finalist)at a CD signing. While there I popped into Lincraft (another large fabric store turned into a craft shop with a bit of sewing bits and pieces) and I was very pleasantly surprised to find the silk thread in exactly the colour I was after.

So Melbourne girls, skip Box Hill Spotlight in favour of Bayswater and good old Lincraft at Knox is still worth a pop in for notions.

Oh, and which jacket pattern did I get for my Chanel jacket - well this one of course....

I won't have the centre front buttons or the collar. I am hoping Claire's instructions will be helpful along with those in her book:


Tany said...

That book is wonderful, you will love it!

sew4fun said...

I went to the same Spotlight twice this weekend too (don't ask!). While I did come home with a car load of patterns, that was all I came home with. I was glad to get away from those bright fluro white lights. I miss our old Spotlight :-( so I'll probably see you at Bayswater. :-)