Sunday, March 18, 2007

Advice needed

I am going to make a suit from some fabric I bought from the Western Market in Hong Kong back in 2004. I was told that the fabric is a silk linen blend. I have done the flame test and yes it is definitely natural fibre. The jacket is going to be in the rose fabric (second from the bottom on the left) and the skirt in the matching plain fabric (the one just above it). I will pipe the jacket in the plain fabric (I only learnt yesterday that Janome has a piping foot - Oh what a sheltered life I lead. And to think I just used the zipper foot and hoped for the best on Ellen's outfit...).

Now to my question .....the lining. I do have a silk animal print I could use (sorry no photo - camera still at school) but the poly on the bottom of the stack on left is such a good match. It is a rose jacquard print that I originally bought to make lingerie. I could use one side for the lining and use the other side as piping around the edge of the facing. But would it be sacrilege to use poly to line a silk suit? Happy to hear all thoughts. None of the fabric was expensive.

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