Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The skirt (almost) done

Sorry, no photo. I took the camera to work to upload but alas the battery is dead!

The skirt is sort of done but I need to redo the waist band. I used a silver bias strip to finish off the waist but the netting is poking through and is spiky. I would have preferred to use some of the bodice satin, however there wasn't any left over. So I need to unpick and rethink.

We didn't have any luck with the shoe shopping. Nothing Ellen liked. We did find a nice (but rather pricy) pair of red ribbon shoes. They only had one pair left in her size but they did not match - one had a satin sole and the other leather??? We took that as an omen and did not get any shoes. So back to the silver "mum" shoes. We will try and tart them up with a bow or something.

And thanks for the thoughts on the purple. We thought that would be over the top too and will stick to silver ribbon to tie up at the back.

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Marji said...

Vicki, I think that net might want to poke through any single layer of bias anything. Can you either come up with a piece of wide twill tape and iron it in half, to create a binding, or, trim all the net ends close and then instead of encasing them in a tape at all, stitch a length of tape to the seam line, then enclosing the net, handstitch the tape to the inside of the bodice, flat. That way the seam doesn't poke out at all, and the net is far less likely to poke through.
This is probably as clear as mud ;)