Monday, March 12, 2007

Now back to the skirt

A self portrait by Ellen on her phone camera - I think she is happy so far!

The bodice is finished except for deciding on what colour ribbon (and then buying) to use for the back and closing the opening at the bottom left open for bagging the lining.

We tried it on with the "draft skirt". Decision time... we will try removing the lower layer and using it to make a shorter layer. Then one more fuller layer at the top. We quite liked the purple ribbon (purple was all we had on hand) -maybe if we add purple crystals to the bodice....any thoughts?

Ellen doesn't like my silver shoes, so off to the shops this afternoon...(it is Monday and a public holiday today in Melbourne).


Tany said...

She looks stunning! Great work!

Ellen said...

Elle est tres belle! La robe est tres jolie aussi!! Bon travail!

(translation: She is very beautiful! The dress is very pretty also!! Good work!)



Anonymous said...

Purple with red is fine but, please, no crystals.
from Jean

Summerset said...

I think the purple is an interesting addition. I wouldn't use the crystals with it though. If you're keeping the purple, why not add purple shoes, too?