Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bodice almost done :)

I'm a bit excited.....the bodice is starting to look like ..mmm.. a bodice! lol

Today we worked on the middle layer - we boned at all the seams. I just sewed it directly to the seams. I kept the area over the bust loose (unstitched). We sacrificed a bra to give the bust some shape. While we were at it, we decided to add a bit extra padding to the right side. No need to tell you why we did that...what can you say, mother nature is not perfect!

We stitched the decorative stitches we trialed yesterday. To make the sewing of the diamond pattern easier, I used a fading marker to draw lines to stitch on. The rotary cutter mat certainly came in useful for that!

We used a tear away stabliser to reduce puckering. Now that was lots of fun ripping off after the stitching (not!). Thanks Sofie for the help..

The outer layer was then constructed. We used the diamond stitched section in the front, and piped all the seams, except the side seams. Front and middle layers were then joined along with piping around the edges.

Ok, I'm all done for today. Time to go and watch two taped episodes of Biggest Loser (Aussie version) while I have an icecream..hehe


Summerset said...

It's looking good - can't wait to see the finished product.

I do the same thing when using bust cups - I don't use boning in the cup area - just up to the cups.

Marji said...

it's looking great on the inside.