Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vogue 8409

Work has started on Vogue 8409. I have only gotten as far as the bodice section so far as the cutting out took much longer than I expected.

The fabric is very light and the checks are a pain!

First I had to decide where to put the sway back adjustment. I decided to split it up and put a bit on the bodice and some more on the skirt.

Next, I cut out the fabric in one layer. I cut out one piece and then lay it over the fabric to make sure the other side matched up perfectly. I haven't cut out the band in the middle yet as I am not sure whether to cut it out on the grain or on the bias. I won't be able to match it with either the bodice (on the bias but with pleats) or the skirt (on the grain but with darts). I think the back will be more interesting with the band on the bias (the back bodice and skirt are both on the grain) but the front may be better on the grain. Can I cut the back one way and the front another? Oh decisions, decisions......

I decided to eliminate facings and line the dress to the edge as described by Marji over at Pattern Review. I stabilised the neck and armhole edges by sewing on some selvage to the seams. I am using a designer lining I bought from Artextile on Friday. It has a logo and the word Preview on it. I didn't find anything helpful while googling. Has anyone heard of this designer or has seen this before? I would really like to get this finished today, but it is Father's day here in Australia, so maybe it might be pushing it!


Londyn said...

That is looking adorable! Can wait to see it when it's finished.

Tany said...

You are doing great, Vicki!

Summerset said...

I like working with stripes and plaids, so I'd cut both bands on the bias and stabilize that bias first with stay stitching and some fusible interfacing. The interfacing will also keep that band smooth and from buckling during wearing.

I like the grey - it will transition nicely into spring for you.

LauraLo said...

Wow, that looks lovely so far! This is a pattern I've been craving for a while, can't wait to see your final result!