Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rocking Blogger Girl 2

I have been avoiding posting (in part), so that I don't have to nominate 5 bloggers for the honour of being a Rockin' Blogger Girl. I mean...who should I choose? Too many wonderful blogs! And most (maybe all) of my favourites have already been nominated. So I am going to nominate some that I am pretty sure have not been nominated and to encourage them to post some more.....

Cherie leaves us lovely comments and I want to encourage her to post a bit more often.

Ann is recently new to blogdom but is an oldie over at PatternReview.

Katherine is not a heavy poster but she is currently living in Hong Kong. I wish I could get over there again....sigh...

Theresa is another new blogger and she lives just down the road in Geelong - 'carn the Cats!!!!

Kasmira has one of the best blogs just showcasing her amazing wardrobe. She is a good girl and posts almost everyday! Now all you Aussies - don't you think she is the spitting image of Brianna who has just been booted off Idol?

On the sewing front I have been ordered back to the recovering of the couches by Sofie. Will it never end??

But I have managed to fit in a new skirt. I am almost done and hope to wear it to work tomorrow.

Yesterday I wore a brown wool cashmere suit I had made in Hong Kong with a simple KS3338 top I made a while ago.

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