Saturday, November 17, 2007

Burda skirt finished and a new T

Burda 07-2007-115 skirt and Ottobre 2/2007 short sleeve tshirt. I am still not certain about the back of the skirt but will wear it and see if anyone comments. I can always take the elastic out.
Both fabrics were purchased at Brunswick Fabrics on our PRDUW - do I win?? (being the first to make up an outfit from fabric purchased that day).
The tshirt is a poly lycra knit. I blinged the flower across the bust for a bit more interest.
I will take better photos and post tomorrow, but for now this is it. The camera has gone off with the girls to their dance concert tonight. And I have something new to wear to go and watch!


Summerset said...

Cute! The back of the skirt looks like mine does - I think the plaid of mine obscures some of the poofiness. You could always put in a longer piece of elastic so that the gathering isn't so tight thus causing a bigger pouf. I really like the t-shirt and the embellishing is just right - like RTW, but I'm sure better fitting and cheaper.

Isabelle said...

Both look great! I love how you added bling to the tshirt - so creative.

Tany said...

I think they look pretty good!! Well done!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

First I like the pieces they are cute! Second, I hate that its summer there...can I come visit? Its starting to get really cold here and even though I love winter clothing, I am in a serious state of dress withdrawal! *LOL*