Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Flippy Skirt - review

Sorry for the delay in the promised review. It has been a busy week!

I found the HP skirt to be easy to put together, it fit well (maybe a touch tight for my measurements) and the finished result was a fun skirt. I have done a more detailed review here and have taken photos with comments here. Hopefully they will be helpful for anyone who wants to make the skirt and would like a heads up.

The instructions were not good for a beginner, but of course we knew that. I didn't follow them as I did not like their order of construction. The instructions do say "This is just our way of doing things...if you prefer a different method, go ahead!" And that is what I did! But if you have made a skirt before and have tackled curved seams, then you will be fine.

Since finishing the skirt I have been working on McCalls 5007. I have almost finished it but have put it down as I am having trouble with the hem. Long story.....I made a sway back adjustment but that had ended up with the bottom of the jacket being crooked. So I adjusted the hem but I am not happy with how that is looking on the inside. I was not planning to line the jacket as I want to be able to machine wash and I have underlined. So I thought I would work on the skirt for a change of pace. I am making Burda WOF 07-2007-115, the one that Summerset made a while ago. Now I am having issues with the back of that! It is a bit poofy, like I have a full nappy (diaper) and it has slipped a bit. lol.
So I have partly undone the back seams and taken out some of the fullness in the centre panel. I will report back later in the week. For now I am putting costumes together with daughters for their dance concerts this weekend. The full dress rehearsal is tomorrow night so we are madly finishing up what should have been done weeks ago!


Isabelle said...

Some days are like that, aren't they! I hope you manage to find a satisfying solution for the jacket. As for the Burda skirt, I'm sure you'll manage to make it look good on you!
Have fun with those costumes. :)

K.Line said...

Hi: I'm a new sewist, trying to make the deco skirt and the instructions are driving me nuts! Could I gain access to your flickr page to see the photo essay? I think it might help me to figure it out. Thanks, Kristin /