Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mini wardrobe plan

As I am on a roll with my cream suit and co-ordinates I thought I would expand it into a mini wardrobe plan a la Carolyn.

The next item I will make is an old McCalls pattern 8972. It is a really versatile pattern and I haven't make it up before. I noticed that the date on the tissue of the pattern is 1997. 10 years isn't too bad and I think the style is still current. I will be making view C - the black and white with the belt.

I will be using a $5 remnant of pure linen from Materialise of Camberwell, a belt buckle from Darn Cheap Fabric in Heidelberg and left over poly crinkle from Brunswick Fabrics in Brunswick. All of these were purchased on our Pattern Review Down Under weekend.

I was telling Ellen about the skirt and she laughed! I asked her what was so funny and she said I WAS! - I always have everything so matchy matchy. Mmm, daughters! So yes, I confess I am a matchy matchy girl....and this skirt WILL match my jacket!

Yesterday I also at long last took my steam press out of its box and pressed up the linen. Worked like a charm. In the photo I have the linen showing with what I have chosen to be the wrong side. The lighter side matches best with the jacket. I plan to underline the linen with silk organza to help reduce the crushing factor. If anyone has any better ideas please let me know. Thanks ;)


Sew4Fun said...

Nice to see your press finally got an airing. :)

/anne... said...

I've been trying to find cheap silk organza - any suggestions?

That pattern is a similar shape to the Nancy Zieman one I got in a recent sale (only in the US as yet). Should hang nicely in the linen!

Summerset said...

Alright! I'm jealous! A steam press - wow! Hmmm. Where would I put one, though? Lucky you - enjoy, it will come in handy with your new skirt!

I like things to match too. Must be something about living through the 80's. I did see a lady at the grocery store yesterday in all sorts of medium shade greens, jacket, shoes, purse, scarf, trousers, etc., she had red hair, and it just all worked. Not many people could have pulled it off, though.

Anonymous said...

I really like the skirt material and the belt buckle. Darn Cheap Fabric in Glenhuntly is one of my favorites!

Vicki said...

Belinda, I have now used the press for interfacing as well - pretty nifty!

Anne, I bought my silk organza in Hong Kong. I can't remember how much it cost. But I have seen it at Brunswick Fabrics for about $14 a metre. Probably cheaper over the internet.

Summerset, I am sure you have room for a press!! And I am glad I am not all alone in the matchy stakes.

Hi Rubydarling, I haven't been to Drn Cheap in Glenhuntly, just the one in Heidelberg.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Vicki,I see allot of people have presses, do you recommend them?
I too read about the mini swap on Carolyn's blog, and thought what a great idea and very do-able:)You are well on your way. Ann