Monday, November 26, 2007

McCalls 8972

I have finished my linen skirt using McCalls 8972. Sorry the photos are not very good. I took them this morning and uploaded them at work (still no Internet access at home) and can't go back and take better ones as the skirt is at home and I am not.

Overall I am pretty happy with how the skirt has turned out. It was much shorter than I anticipated - should have measured! So the hem turn up is minimal. Also I had trouble getting the hem straight. The linen wanted to "bubble" along the edge

I underlined with silk organza using Shannon's method of sewing right sides together of each piece, turning out and making up as usual. Thanks Shannon! I didn't line as I think the underlining is enough.

The belt is not perfect and I would have redone it if I had any more fabric. I found that the belt changed shape due to it being cut in a curve, so some parts stretched. I think it would have been better to cut the shape out of a very firm sew in interfacing and then use that as the sewing guide. Well I know for next time! Also the belt is a bit thin for the buckle, even though it is the right size per the pattern.

Ann asked "...I see allot of people have presses, do you recommend them?". Yes I would recommend one if you have the room and the money to buy one. It is not a must have sewing accessory but it sure does make fusing interfacing a breeze. Mine is only new and hasn't had much of a workout yet :)


LauraLo said...

Your skirt looks great. Love that belt.

Summerset said...

Very cute! I love the contrast of the lighter colored belt.

latoya said...

WOW, it was so interesting to see your post this morning, I was just looking at simplicity 5914, a basic skirt pattern I love, I need to make another.
very cute contrast indeed.

Isabelle said...

That's a pretty skirt, Vicki! I like the white contrast too, it makes the whole thing pop!

Tany said...

What a fabulous looking skirt, Vicki! I love the buckle you used and the fact that you used different fabric for the belt. I bet you look stunning in this skirt!